In Week 6 of Tamarindo Diaries, Adam Barber, Managing Director of Tamarindo Group, discusses the key elements behind engaging, commercially relevant content.


One of the biggest misnomers in any specialist industry - and the renewable energy industry is absolutely a case in point - is that the production of great copy, great content, and great thinking is driven purely by market expertise alone.


And the truth is that yes, market expertise is a really important element of that mix. But it is only one part of that mix. Within that, you also need to make sure that as a business and as an individual you have got content that is both commercially relevant, editorially appealing, and of course sufficiently engaging and entertaining enough to be able to drive that interaction in the first place.


In order to be able to get those three very different elements within copy and content working well together, you need to underpin everything with a very strong, solid message house.


At the moment, this is one of the greatest challenges that marketing teams across the sector are battling with. This is because copy and content previously sat as part of the marketing and sales mix alongside events, networking, press work and ace-to-face customer engagement. Now, copy and content is having to work far harder for them, and with it, the need to get tone and message right, is really coming into sharp relief.


At Tamarindo Group that is one of the elements that we want to focus on more than ever. It’s an area where our customers want to be able to make sure their message is the first and foremost the primary driver behind their copy and content. 

For those that get it right, there’s a real opportunity out there not just to be able to drive profile, but be able to drive focused lead generation too.


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