In Week 2 of Tamarindo Diaries, Adam Barber, Managing Director of Tamarindo Group, touches on a couple of defining events in energy and renewables.


Welcome to the Tamarindo Lockdown Diaries. My name is Adam Barber, Managing Director at Tamarindo Group.


I wanted to share two things with you this week. First, I never thought I’d see the day that a packet of toilet roll was worth more than a barrel of oil. Whichever way you look at it, that’s a pretty depressing state of affairs, and the way that that price changes and tracks globally through the various markets over the coming months is going to be something we need to watch incredibly closely indeed. That will have ramifications clearly for many sectors of the market - not least renewables - and I think that the sector and the business leaders within it are going to be watching that price very carefully indeed.

On a second point, and on the subject of business leaders, I had the pleasure of interviewing Gunnar Groebler this week, the senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Wind at Vattenfall. In a wide ranging discussion I talked to him about a number of different areas that he feels personally passionate about and that Vattenfall as a business is pushing forwards.


One of them that I thought was particularly interesting was his view on storage and the role that that’s going to play within the European renewables market in the future. Intriguingly, I think that one of the areas that was certainly starting to raise question marks for me was this element of how the potential for government mandates around permitting for future parks may well drive that market forwards. I think we need to watch that carefully.


How are we going to see permitting released in terms of hybrid projects? How responsive and adaptable are developers - and in fact the whole supply chain - going to be to that change in dynamic? You can listen to the whole interview on the members area of the WindEurope website. I’d certainly encourage you to do so if you get a chance. We had a little bit of fun on it and I intend to do that again.


In fact, if there’s a business leader, or a senior exec within the market that you think needs their feet holding in the fire and you’d like to make sure we’re getting questions in front of them, then by all means challenge us to get that person in their armchair, on a video screen - wherever it is - talking about what they think about the market. If you’ve got some suggestions, get in touch!


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