In Week 15 of Tamarindo Diaries, Adam Barber, Managing Director of Tamarindo Group, explains how to build strong relationships with your network - digitally.


One of the best ways to support an account-based sales strategy in a pre-COVID era was quite simple – it was to book out a restaurant or a bar, hook it on the back of a conference or a major trade show, and then invite your prospects and your customers to come and join you. Perhaps you’d even throw in a speaker.


Ultimately what you’re looking to do is use this face to face interaction to build a rapport and build a deeper set of relationships with those prospects and those existing customers so that you can deepen your service offering with them and drive that new business pipeline.


The challenge that a lot of people are facing right now is how to replicate that in the digital world, particularly when the propensity and the interest in attending another seemingly similar digital event is difficult to overcome.


At Tamarindo Group we’ve been thinking through this problem very carefully, and we’ve developed what we think is a pretty unique offering within the renewables market. We’ve called it the Wind Investment Boardroom.


We’ve put in place a partnership with both Energy Storage Report and A Word About Wind as editorial brands, and once a month we are hosting a private round table which looks at a specific theme or topic with key industry leaders. Crucially, the discussion stays private and remains a very much an invitation only affair, with perhaps 15 people tops attending each boardroom.


They’ve proved very popular, and it’s certainly a sensible replacement to a challenge that many people have tried to overcome at the moment.


So if you’d like to find out more about the Wind Investment Boardroom or you’d like to get involved in one in the future, just follow this link.


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