In Week 14 of Tamarindo Diaries, Adam Barber, Managing Director of Tamarindo Group, challenges the perception that it's possible for a business to "run out" of stories.


One of the most common challenges that we hear from prospective customers when they’re entertaining the notion of either a public relations campaign or a dedicated content services and copywriting campaign, is that that their business, however large or however small, is simply going to run out of news.


They believe that there’s going to be a point in the campaign where we’ve bled the thing dry and that there will simply be nothing left in the tank to take out to customers.


The truth is that they could not be more wrong.


Great businesses with great products and great services always have something interesting to say. But It’s not a challenge of what to say, but rather a challenge of when to say it and to whom.


At the beginning of every campaign it is crucial to get to a point whereby you’ve got clarity of purpose for your content and clarity of direction for where that message is going. Build that plan, and refine it over the first few weeks so that you’re clear on the roadmap of that content and you’re treating it just like any other part of your business.


Because when it comes to marketing and to business development teams, it is often the case that it is the platform through which that content is going to be distributed that is developed first, with the content itself playing second fiddle. In short, the content isn’t fully thought about until the enabling platform is live.


I want to challenge that notion, particularly as you go into a planning phase through the final quarter of 2020 and start thinking about your plans for 2021.


I want to get you to think more widely around how you can use content effectively throughout your business. If you think you've got that challenge of "running out of things to say" and are concerned that perhaps the tank is running a little dry, then we can certainly help with that. 


If you’d like us to run a workshop, to flesh out some of those ideas and give you a sense of where your editorial plan can go, then we can help.


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