In Week 10 of Tamarindo Diaries, Adam Barber, Managing Director of Tamarindo Group, outlines the core advantages of online events over offline events, and the benefits that too many marketing teams are missing.


When it comes to business development and brand building in the events world, one of the real dangers we’re starting to see play out in real time is the misunderstanding between why and how an offline event works vs. why and how a digital event works.

The misunderstanding comes from the fact that if the benefits are not fully understood about how both platforms work and how both are different, and the real danger is that marketing teams and businesses development teams are going to be bitterly disappointed with the results.


I say that because I am standing in an empty office having hosted the latest in our series of webinars. We’ve run webinars for a good while now - though of course it’s safe to say that over the past 3 months that focus has certainly dialled up - and I think if you’d told me at the beginning of the year that I’d be holding one of our webinars in June in the middle of an empty office, where I absolutely wouldn’t be disturbed, then I think I would have struggled to believe you. But that is exactly what’s happened.

As marketing teams and as business development teams look to fill out their pipeline of business, not just into H2 of 2020 but into H1 of 2021, they are looking closely at how digital events work. But, critically, they are in danger of missing one of the fundamental benefits and some of the core advantages that a digital event delivers that an offline event doesn’t.


The primary advantage of a digital event is that it gives you fantastic levels of data. That data is quantifiable it’s far deeper than you would typically expect. It goes beyond a registration list and it gives you engagement stats, it gives you live polling and it gives you instant feedback from your community.


But there is also something that tangibly links marketing to sales, and if there is one element that the offline events world really struggles with, it is that handshake between marketing and sales and the follow-up.

I think what we are seeing now, and what we will continue to see play out through the second half of 2020, is the start of that 2 horse race.


We are going to see the smartest and the brightest marketing teams embrace and begin to really dive deep into the hows and whys that live steaming and digital events at the top end of the market can provide, and they will be capitalising on that. And then there will be others who will be pausing and who will be stepping away from that initiative. To compare the two is to compare apples with oranges.


We’ve got to remember that an offline event and an online event are not two sides of the same coin - they are fundamentally different beings.


If there’s one thing you need to think about before you go into the weekend, it is that when you’re looking at your marketing strategy for the next six months and you are questioning the value that digital events can bring, make sure you understand the true benefits of how it can work.


And if you don’t, talk to us.


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