Mar 2020

Are corporate comms directors the key to making firms live up to their environmental promises?

Hundreds of Amazon workers defied the online retail giant this year by publicly blasting it for taking insufficient action on the climate crisis.

This criticism comes despite the retailer’s..

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Jan 2020

In Business, No One Can Hear Your Dreams

Understanding your audience will help your..


Jul 2019

How green do you need to be to succeed at ESG?

Financial adviser Vanguard is on the rack because its US ESG Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) contains oil & gas companies, despite the product description stating it specifically excludes them.

Rebranding, Social Media, Reputation

Jun 2019

Refining Reputation in Renewables

Managing the reputation of companies in the renewable energy ecosystem is our daily bread at Tamarindo. Our success is based on promoting our clients’ successes and boosting the visibility of..

PR 101, Social Media, Reputation

May 2019

How will regular coverage in trade titles support your company’s reputation?


Having regular coverage of your company news in industry trade media publications will support the reputation of your company. Here we detail four reasons why. 

PR 101, Reputation

Apr 2019

Why should you blog, and what should you be saying?

 Ultimately, establishing your expertise is what will win you work. 

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Apr 2019

5 things to look out for when using social media to boost your reputation


Having a strong social media presence can help to build awareness of your brand and support your reputation. But what about when it risks damaging your reputation?

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