Aug 2018

PR vs. Marketing

If, fifty years ago, when the first IVF baby was born and James Callaghan was the British Prime Minister  you had asked the question ‘what is the difference between public relations and marketing?’, you would have received a very different answer than if you had asked that same question today. 

PR 101

Aug 2018

B2B vs. B2C communications – What’s the difference?

Befuddled by business categories? We don’t blame you. PR often gets accused of bandying around jargon which is mystifying to those outside..

PR 101

Jul 2018

White paper marketing: what is it and why should you be doing it?

‘White paper marketing’ is a bit of a catch-all term used to describe a process of content creation that draws on technical information.

PR 101

May 2018

Communications challenges when entering the renewable energy industry

Sustainable energy is the new playground of the rich and famous. Recently the sector has received strong endorsement from two of the world’s biggest private energy companies. 

Rebranding, PR 101

Apr 2018

Common Mistakes When It Comes to Writing Press Releases

Even in an age of instant communication and 280-character tweets, a well-written press release remains one of the best means of communicating directly with your target audience and telling your commercial story via the media.

PR 101

Oct 2017

Why Isn't My PR Campaign Working?

Doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result, is the very definition of insanity, remarked Einstein.

PR 101