May 2018

Communications challenges when entering the renewable energy industry

Sustainable energy is the new playground of the rich and famous. Recently the sector has received strong endorsement from two of the world’s biggest private energy companies. 

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Apr 2018

Common Mistakes When It Comes to Writing Press Releases

Even in an age of instant communication and 280-character tweets, a well-written press release remains one of the best means of communicating directly with your target audience and telling your commercial story via the media.

PR 101

Oct 2017

Why Isn't My PR Campaign Working?

Doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result, is the very definition of insanity, remarked Einstein.

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Sep 2017

Which Media Titles Should You Target with Your News?

Big news, fake news, breaking news. Whatever way you frame it, you’ll have noticed that we’re now exposed to more sources of news and fresh information than ever before. 

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Aug 2017

PR Agency vs PR In-house: What's the Difference?

I’ve been agency side for almost 15 years now. In fact, the truth of it is that when it comes to executing business to business campaigns and delivering results, in my own career, I’ve known no other way.

PR 101

Jul 2017

Good News and Bad News: Targeting Your Messages

When it comes to talking about your business and its role within the wider sector, most messages can be boiled down into one of two categories: positive or negative. Both have their advantages when it comes to targeting external marketing efforts and securing media coverage.

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