Sep 2018

7 Tips for Mastering the Media Interview

Good news: your PR team has been engaging with the media on your behalf, and their efforts have paid off. You now have a valuable opportunity to speak to a journalist about your thoughts on the..

Media Interview

Aug 2018

How to Communicate your Company Messaging in a Media Interview

To sell or not to sell? How can you..

Media Interview

Jul 2018

3 Ways to Answer Media Interview Questions Really Well

We’ve written plenty of blog posts on how to deal with the tricky situations that can sometimes arise during media interviews. But being a good spokesperson isn’t just about handling the..

Media Interview

Jun 2018

7 Common Mistakes When Giving a Media Interview

A quick Google search for ‘media gaffes’ yields a wealth of content. Everyone from Gordon Brown to Cara Delevingne has messed up on air.

Media Interview

Jun 2018

The Ultimate Guide to the Media Interview

Search for ‘media interview’ or similar on the internet and, as well as a tranche of articles offering advice for completing a successful interview, you’ll come across no shortage of videos..

Media Interview

Mar 2018

How to Find the Right Spokesperson for Your Company

As the old adage runs, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. All the same, people do judge by appearances – and your company will be judged on the face which it presents to the outside world.

Media Interview