Jun 2018

7 Common Mistakes When Giving a Media Interview

A quick Google search for ‘media gaffes’ yields a wealth of content. Everyone from Gordon Brown to Cara Delevingne has messed up on air.

Media Interview

Jun 2018

My first week as an Account Executive at Tamarindo Communications

 A big hello from Tamarindo Communications’ newest recruit. My name is Camilla Clarke and I have completed my first week as Account Executive with..


Jun 2018

Working at Tamarindo: first week musings

As the newest recruit at Tamarindo Communications, I’ve been asked to pen a few words describing my experience so far. Here goes…


Jun 2018

The Ultimate Guide to the Media Interview

Search for ‘media interview’ or similar on the internet and, as well as a tranche of articles offering advice for completing a successful interview, you’ll come across no shortage of videos showing just what can happen when you disregard that advice – thanks to the handy compilations of some generous YouTubers.

Media Interview

May 2018

5 Tips for Launching Your New Brand in the Media

Equinor, Ørsted, Vattenfall. The one thing all of these recent wind energy rebrands had in common was that they each generated plenty of media coverage.


May 2018

Communications challenges when entering the renewable energy industry

Sustainable energy is the new playground of the rich and famous. Recently the sector has received strong endorsement from two of the world’s biggest private energy companies. 

Rebranding, PR 101