Understanding your audience will help your content go further

Neuroscience tells us that talking about yourself is enormously satisfying. It also shows us that we don’t need an audience for our self-praise in order for the neurons in our brains’ reward centres to fire up. But if no-one is listening to us, we miss out on the additional benefits of describing our brilliance, those that come with building relationships and finding partners who will help us achieve success.

market researchIn business, talking about your own success is important for attracting new customers and deepening existing relationships. However, the investment in marketing needed to do this brings an opportunity cost – if you haven’t taken account of what your audience wants to hear, they won’t listen to you and your investment will be wasted. Too often, communications approaches follow a “see what sticks” rule, and so fail to secure interest from the right people.

In the commercial world the resources available for talking and listening are both finite. If you don’t appeal to your audiences, they will stop listening. If they aren’t listening, you are wasting your investment.

Big things have small beginnings

To increase the effectiveness of your communications, it is worth listening to your competitors, target customers and other important audiences. Understand their views and whether they have ideas that challenge your own, problems that you can solve, or prejudices about you and your products, and you will be able to tailor your message to address them head-on.

With better insight as the foundation for your engagement with the industry, you can increase your sales opportunities and win new work. You will be able to engage with your peers up and down the value chain with targeted communications and networking that offers them real value.

In the renewable energy industry, data and market insights are rightly seen as important engines of development, helping companies deliver more value to the industry and to their own stakeholders. But there is a constant challenge to be met in the evolving attitudes of customers, politicians, regulators and the public, and ever-changing strategies of your competitors.

You don't go alone

Tamarindo Group network

At Tamarindo Group, we have worked with thousands of executives in the industry to help them find and nurture the relationships they need to drive business growth. At the same time, this network of relationships provides us with a listening tool to understand what is driving decision making in all parts of the value chain and at all levels of accountability.

Our extensive connections with professionals in financing and development, operations, and advisory and technical support mean we can mine the opinions of a wide network of experts and deliver intelligence to help shape decision making across operations, communications and business development.

Tapping into their experiences to gain a reliable understanding of what your competitors are up to, and what your prospects are interested in, will help drive the effectiveness of your business development activity.


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