Jan 2020

In Business, No One Can Hear Your Dreams

Understanding your audience will help your content go further

Neuroscience tells us that talking about yourself is enormously satisfying. It also shows us that we don’t need an audience for our..


Jul 2019

How green do you need to be to succeed at ESG?

Financial adviser Vanguard is on the rack..

Rebranding, Social Media, Reputation

May 2018

Communications challenges when entering the renewable energy industry

Sustainable energy is the new playground of the rich and famous. Recently the sector has received strong endorsement from two of the world’s biggest private energy companies. 

Rebranding, PR 101

Mar 2018

How to Choose Which Renewable Energy Industry Events to Attend?

Deciding which renewable energy events to attend is challenging. Get it right and you might meet the person who represents the next big collaboration for your business. Get it wrong and that’s a..


Nov 2017

How to Choose the Right PR Graduate Scheme?

If you are looking for a good graduate scheme, how do you find the right one, and how do you know it’s the right one for you?


Sep 2017

3 Reasons Why Your Client Won’t Sign Off Your Press Release

Of course, you want to talk about the great work you’ve done for your client, it’s the kind of endorsement that will raise your profile in the industry and help you win new work. 


Jul 2017

3 Questions to Align Your Communications with Your Sales Goals

If there is one thing that everyone involved in communications and PR abhors, it’s the shout to nowhere. 


Jun 2017

PR and the Pipeline

Remember when your company’s messaging was new and shiny? It was exciting to see it position your firm as a technology leader, an eager innovator, and deep thinker on the issues the industry..


May 2017

Our Business is Too Complex for Our Clients to Understand

This is one of my favourite comments from clients, and hearing it really gets the blood flowing. Clients often say this about their business when they misconceive what PR does for them and how..