Nov 2018

How to Get the Best From Your PR and Branding Agencies

Business, and businesses, are never standing still. Every month sees major companies rebrand in an attempt to ensure their services remain relevant to their target audiences. What was once a..

PR 101

Apr 2018

Common Mistakes When It Comes to Writing Press Releases

Even in an age of instant communication and..

PR 101

Apr 2018

How To Know When It’s Time To Rebrand

The clean energy industry is no stranger to rebranding, with DONG’s metamorphosis into Ørsted last year the most recent high-profile example. 


Jan 2018

Interview Questions To Watch Out For

The interview has long been considered – rightly, in our opinion – one of the most effective means of engaging with the media, and, by extension, your wider audience. 

Media Interview

Nov 2017

Why A Commercial Director Should Be Talking To The Media

Well, why should you? After all, doing so takes time and effort. And whatever the size of your business, there’s a hundred and one other activities that require your attention. 

Media Interview

Sep 2017

Which Media Titles Should You Target with Your News?

Big news, fake news, breaking news. Whatever way you frame it, you’ll have noticed that we’re now exposed to more sources of news and fresh information than ever before. 

PR 101

Jun 2017

Planning Your First Press Release? Don't Forget the Basics

Ah, the humble press release. Despite now being over a hundred years old, it remains the most common medium for businesses to communicate company news, be that a new product, service, or industry..

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