Renewable energy is a fast-moving, dynamic industry. But, frankly, there’s a whole lot of outdated and not-so dynamic thinking that takes place in the sector when it comes to PR and communications strategy. 

renewable energy pr mythsOften, it’s down to a few basic misconceptions, which can prove hard to shake off. 

Below are a few of the most common myths – just don’t start to believe them!


We must champion the renewable energy cause

All too often, both growing and established companies throughout the industry start to believe that they must ‘speak out’ against fossil fuels, cultivate a ‘green image’ and try to outcompete each other by attempting to quantify their impact on the battle against climate change.


The fact is, your green credentials should be a given. No other business in the sector is going to doubt your good intentions, and the more time you spend talking about the ‘bigger picture’, the less time you can spend articulating what really sets you apart from the competition. So don’t fall into the trap!


All messages must be positive

The renewable energy industry is far from perfect. Yes, we may be starting to get the hang of things in some areas, but as the market expands globally and the base of viable technologies continues to grow, the sector is constantly breaking new ground – and things will go wrong!


Rather than skirting around industry issues by churning out positive messaging, you’ll see far more tangible results – both in terms of media interest and wider industry engagement – if you address these problems head-on. What’s more – if you can successfully position your product, service or expertise as the answer to a problem, you’re on to a winner!


Coverage is critical

10 years ago, the renewables industry was served by just a handful of trade magazines and financial publications. Nowadays, the range of media outlets covering the sector is pretty extensive – and new online titles are springing up at a substantial rate.


Naturally this is all very positive and a healthy sign of market growth. What this does create, however, is a less healthy tendency towards quantity over quality when it comes to measuring the success of a media campaign.


In reality, one well-timed article, written by an engaged journalist in an established trade publication, is arguably worth just as much – or more – than ten direct press release postings.


It’s a small industry

This is something of a cliché – and the more drinks receptions we attend, the more we start to believe it ourselves. However it’s a mentality that can affect the way you talk to the market and ultimately restrict opportunities to open up to a broader, untapped audience.


You don’t actually know everybody you need to know, even if you think you’ve got all avenues covered. And you’ll be surprised at just how effective a wide-ranging communications campaign can be at enhancing your international contact book.


Nobody reads the website

We’ve seen one too many badly worded, poorly structured and outdated websites to keep quiet on this one. No matter how strong your client relationships are, or how flash your proactive media or email marketing campaign is, you will be judged on the quality of your website. Your homepage is the starting point for all company messaging – and there’s no place for any inconsistency or disparity in quality.


We’re talking from experience on this one. Keep it up to date. Write a blog…