May 2018

5 Tips for Launching Your New Brand in the Media

Equinor, Ørsted, Vattenfall. The one thing all of these recent wind energy rebrands had in common was that they each generated plenty of media coverage.

Rebranding, New Product

May 2018

Communications challenges when entering the renewable energy industry

Sustainable energy is the new playground of the rich and famous. Recently the sector has received strong endorsement from two of the world’s biggest private energy companies. 

Rebranding, New Product, PR 101

Apr 2018

Common Mistakes When It Comes to Writing Press Releases

Even in an age of instant communication and 280-character tweets, a well-written press release remains one of the best means of communicating directly with your target audience and telling your commercial story via the media.

PR 101

Apr 2018

Setting the marketing budget when sales are down – to cut or not to cut?

Let’s say that you’re a small to medium sized business going through a bit of a tough time; sales are falling, and you know that fairly soon you’re going to have to think about rationalizing some spending elsewhere in the operations.


Apr 2018

How To Know When It’s Time To Rebrand

The clean energy industry is no stranger to rebranding, with DONG’s metamorphosis into Ørsted last year the most recent high-profile example. 


Mar 2018

How to Find the Right Spokesperson for Your Company

As the old adage runs, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. All the same, people do judge by appearances – and your company will be judged on the face which it presents to the outside world.

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