Sep 2018

How to Get the Best From Your PR and Branding Agencies

Business, and businesses, are never standing still. Every month sees major companies rebrand in an attempt to ensure their services remain relevant to their target audiences. What was once a..


Sep 2018

What Can Nike’s Latest Campaign Teach Renewables Companies About Branding?

Nike is one of the leading sports brands..


Sep 2018

My First Two Weeks as a Graduate Account Executive at Tamarindo

 Hi. Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Alex, Tamarindo Communications’ latest recruit. Having graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Philosophy and Italian, I decided it was time to settle..


Sep 2018

7 Tips for Mastering the Media Interview

Good news: your PR team has been engaging with the media on your behalf, and their efforts have paid off. You now have a valuable opportunity to speak to a journalist about your thoughts on the..

Media Interview

Aug 2018

Why You Shouldn't Pay for Editorial Coverage

“We’ve been offered a great opportunity to place an article in a magazine, and all they ask is we pay them £300 – should we do it?”

PR 101

Aug 2018

5 Essential PR Moves To Make When Launching a New Renewables Product or Service

Picture a newly-installed wind turbine. Construction has been completed and it’s soon to be commercially operational. The gearbox starts whirring, the wind is picking up and slowly the blades..

PR 101